Blending Art History with Abstract Expressionism

I will be teaching two 4-week online classes starting April 27 for beginners and April 28 for advanced students through the Creative Arts School at Old School Square, a nationally recognized cultural center in Delray Beach, Florida.


Both classes will explore the lives and artistic styles of famous artists -- their struggles and successes and the lessons they have left behind. (These artists will seem so real, you’ll think they are right in the room with you.) Both classes allow you to paint freely in the comfort of your home. Both classes offer group critiques and invite your opinions.


In the past, my classes have been showcased in several Florida media due to the quality of the students' work, many of whom had never touched paint. What I am saying is that you don’t need any painting or drawing experience to start. You only need to have a hankering to have some real life fun while learning not only unique artistic techniques and applications, but art history as well. And for those of you who work in acrylics, I can promise you an experience like you have never had before.

Click on the photo below for the class description and supply list.

Note: TERM 1 is now closed for Beginner but you can register for TERM 2