“I approach a canvas with a desire to fuse color with texture, free of intention, tradition and norms. I count on layering properties to burn a life force into even the smallest structures. My strokes, some obscure, some defined, personify difference and sameness and how the two natures work in concert with one another"

Fran Mann Goodman received her formal training at Chouinard Art Institute (now CAL ARTS) where she worked in the style of representational art. As a student in the ‘60s, Fran was chosen to exhibit her paintings heavily texturized with spackeling wall paste in galleries and furniture showrooms in LA. She had also received representation at a gallery in NJ.


After college, due to a childhood trauma with her face, Fran applied her artistic skill to the makeup field where she built a thirty-year career inspiring women to see the “art” in their faces. Her unique aesthetic approach, coupled with her workshops, seminars, support groups, as well as widespread media exposure, earned her national and international recognition. She was featured on talk shows, women's magazines and other print media including The New York Times. Fran did not paint during those years. Instead, she penned a memoir and two screenplays centered around her life story. 


​In 2013, Fran returned to painting after a bout with Lyme disease left her with arthritic fingers and the difficulty to continue writing. She began working in the style of Abstract Expressionism, preferring to create mood and emotion over defined images, infusing her paintings with pastes, sand, glosses, paper towels, and acrylic skins.


Since then, Fran’s paintings have been exhibited in over twenty-five galleries in New Jersey, the Chelsea district of Manhattan and Southern Florida, and are in private collection in New York, Florida, Toronto, and Hollywood, Ca.


Fran is a member of the National Association of Women Artists, the National League of American Pen Women where she is the cochair of the art program for the Florida branch. Fran is also a member of the Arts Student League, ArtServe, Broward Art Guild and a Signature Artist of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. In addition, she is the Arts Education Fund Chair of the Delray Art League.


Fran has taught numerous classes in Abstract Expressionism to beginning and advanced students at the Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ, and in Florida at The Center for Spirituality and the Boca Raton Community Center. She designed a curriculum that blends the lifestyles and artistic styles of the famous Abstract Expressionists from the ‘40s and ‘50’s with unique artistic techniques and applications.  


Fran has been a keynote speaker for several Florida organizations including the Institute for Learning In Retirement. She runs workshops and demonstrations in her craft across Florida. Fran’s paintings were recently featured in Art Guide Magazine where she won additional representation. Her collective projects have been showcased in various Florida media.  


2020   131st Anniversary Exhibition (online), National Association of Women Artists 

2020   New Member Exhibition, (online), National Association of Women Artists   

2020   Broward Art Guild Gallery Fort Lauderdale, Fl

2019   Highland Beach Library, Highland Beach FL

2019   6" x 6" Exhibit Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL

2018   Heart of Delray, Delray Beach, FL.

2018   Art Bravo, Art Serve, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2018   Signature Members Exhibit, Artist Guild Gallery, Boca Raton, FL

2017   Signature Members Exhibit, Artist Guild Gallery, Boca Raton, FL

2017   Signature Members Exhibit, Artist Guild Gallery, Boca Raton, FL

2017   Signature Members Exhibit, Artist Guild Gallery, Boca Raton, FL

2017   Signature Members Exhibit, Artist Guild Gallery, Boca Raton, FL

2017   6" x 6" Exhibit, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL

2017   Artists Guild Gallery FAU Living Room Theater, Boca Raton, FL 

2017   Artists Guild Gallery, Boca Raton Regional High School, Boca Raton, FL 

2017   Delray Art League, Arts Garage, Delray Beach, FL  

2016   Signature Members Exhibit, Artists Guild Gallery, Delray Beach, FL  
2016   Still Life Exhibit, Chamber of Commerce, Delray Beach, FL    
2016   Signature Members Exhibit, Artists' Guild Gallery, Delray Beach, FL    
2016   Art Walk Event, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL    
2016   Art Walk Gallery Exhibit, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL    
2016   Gallery Exhibit, Arts Garage, Delray Beach, FL  
2016   Autumn Rising, Milagro Center, Delray Beach, FL   
2016   Gallery Exhibit, Delray Beach City Hall, Delray Beach, FL    
2015   Exposure, Ceres Gallery, New York, NY    
2015   Humana Arcana, Gallery d'Arte, New York, NY    
2015   Five Senses +1, Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York, NY   
2015   Summer, The Center for Contemporary Art, Bedminster Township, NJ 

2015   Gallery Exhibit, MPAC Mayo Performing Arts Center, Morristown, NJ 

2014   Gallery Exhibit, Linda Grandis Blatt Gallery, Morristown, NJ     
2014   Art Student's League, Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York, NY     
2013   Winter Wonderland, Morris County Art Association, Morristown, NJ

 © 2017 by Fran Mann Goodman

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 Email: franspaintbox@yahoo.com

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