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Dear Fran ,


I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy your art class on Zoom.


I love your format:


You start with an introduction to an artist, usually unknown to me but fascinating.  Each artist has their own technique and work; they differ but they are all marvelous and interesting.  Obviously, your research is extensive, and you work so hard to keep the artists you choose to review diverse and interesting.  This is hard research work on your part and is greatly appreciated.


Since starting your class last September, I have learned so much and come so far, and generally have a new appreciation of art. it has brought me so much joy and a new zest for life.  I look forward to every class and producing my art. I am beginning to dream of what I will do next. I love your way of giving “soft” critiques – and never feel lectured. You have a gift – a gentle and expert way about you.  Your teaching style is special and appreciated.  


Although I am still challenged by abstract expressionism, and wish to paint more in that style, I am learning so much by painting in so many varied styles, channeling artists who paint in so many genres.  I know I will be able to use these techniques in all my future work.  You and the class inspire me to paint and try new things.  What more could anyone want from a class?  The participants learn from each other too, and that is a wondrous thing.  


I hope to continue working with you and taking your class for a very, very long time.  Thank you.


With appreciation and fondness,

Pam E. (Retired Attorney, Boynton Beach) 

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