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“I am so happy to have met and attended Fran's art classes. She has touched my soul with her gentle presence, her love of art, and intelligent observations. She has brought out a new and exciting awareness of color, lines, movement and values; unknown to me before. You inspire, we create, you teach, we learn. You give of yourself! God smiles. Thank you for you! “   Bobby Pommoroy


“When I first called you regarding your classes, I really had no clue what modern art or better to say abstract art is.  With each and every class I feel that I am growing in knowledge and understanding of abstract art, this coming from a person who painted palm trees, and each leave was detailed; its trunk looked almost perfect. It was very restricting and very frustrating at times. Painting with you over the years I can say I learn to be free. I'm able to paint for my heart and from memory without being restricted.  I didn't only require a teacher, but also a dear friend, who opened up my eyes to a whole new world. It is wonderful to work with a group of women who are trying to express ourselves with paint colors and shapes. It's nice to hear critique from fellow artists. Every week, I'm looking forward to explore a new artist and his or her technique.  Looking forward to our next class and exciting experiment with new brushes and mediums. A million thanks."    Clara Seidel.


Fran brings out the hidden artist in all of us with demonstrations by famous artists, color, theory, observations and discussion with music and laughter.”


“Thank you, Fran for stirring and waking up my sleeping artistic soul.”


“Thanks for blowing the lids off our minds by teaching your method! Think I was at a crossroads w painting the former way.” L. M. 


“You are a gift to the art and the world.” 


“You took me out of my comfort zone, learning not to play it safe but it was needed.”


“Wonderful teacher and work environment, very energizing.”


“Excellent class. Working on freeing up which I learned is just as much a part of the technique as the brush and paint.”


“I love Fran's style, love how she critiques. I understand the points she makes and because she is not so rigid and attached to her opinion, I feel that my style is allowed to grow."  J. L.




“You opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the world. A new way of looking at myself.”  R. B. 


“Fran, you created a spark by your way of teaching.”


“You are a gem. Thank you for opening up a whole new world of creative endeavor to us.”


“Love the class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gentleness.”


“I can’t begin to tell you how much of an impact you have made on my life. I came to your class expecting nothing more than a pleasant version and an outlet for my grief. With your help, I have discovered something I love. I have so much to learn, but even though the process is sometimes painful for me, I am glad to have your guidance to help me along in this journey. You are a wonderful teacher and a special human being. I am so glad I found you.”   C. T.

"This class and especially Fran brought the beauty of abstract art into my life. I have never understood or enjoyed abstract art before now I am looking forward to the next class in order to learn about new artists and your style I really feel that my life has been enriched. I am amazed at how a friendship was created between all the artists in this class I feel I made new friends and especially you Fran I think you for the laughs your time and patience."


Periodically I ask my students to give an anonymous critique so that I may learn what I can do to improve my classes. Some of the comments below have nothing more that initials, some no name at all.  

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